Change is here. The time is now.


Journey to the Soul is highly experiential, and this year more than ever, you have the opportunity to immediately apply what you are learning to your life.

The Flow of the Retreat

Beginning with the opening session on Wednesday, we are on a journey of discovery together. Every aspect of the retreat is held as sacred and infused with loving intention, carefully designed by Gary and Linda, who lead every session. The retreat is immersive. It will flow in a way that allows you to get the most from it. Attending each session and small group activity is necessary, as each session / activity builds upon the other. Each day consists of sessions with Gary and Linda, small and large group experiences and a time for questions. Breaks are built-in as well as options for time to yourself. You will be given a schedule of all sessions, small group experiences, breaks and solo activities.


Each session is relational, experiential, and grounded in everyday applications. Gary and Linda have been teaching for more than two decades and are skilled at responding to the needs of the group and the moment. While the overall flow and content of the retreat is planned, the the focus of each session will vary depending on what arises from the participants.

Session formats include:

  • Presentations
  • Meditations
  • Small Group Activities
  • Questions and Answers
  • Full-Group Discussion
  • Focus Work with People in the Moment
  • Spiritual Partnership Practice / Role Playing
  • Intentional, Deep Conversation


Journey to the Soul 2021 offers the same depth of transformative learning with Gary and Linda’s catalyzing presence — this year more accessible, immediately applicable, and impactful than ever. We are already seeing the extraordinary possibilities of redesigning our signature retreat in this new online format.

Moving seamlessly between retreat space and home life, people are easily able to weave what they are learning into daily life experience.

You will not be sitting in one place the whole time staring at a screen! We build breaks and activities into the retreat, journalling or short walks for example. In addition to daily live teaching sessions with Gary and Linda, you will also take part in breakout rooms for guided small-group interactions, an essential component of the retreat allowing you to practice the tools you are learning.

Retreat Schedule

  • The Journey to the Soul is an immersive, in-depth experience, It begins with an opening session on on Wednesday, runs all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and closes with the final session on Sunday.
  • The schedule is being designed to accommodate the practicalities of retreating from home and to welcome participants from all US time zones. You can expect to have several hours a day outside of retreat time, either in the morning or late afternoon.


Please plan to be fully committed to your participation in Journey to the Soul the entire time — for yourself and for the other participants. During retreat times, you will not be available to be doing other things, so please plan accordingly.

  • You will need a private space where you can be completely free from interruptions for all of Gary and Linda’s sessions (each one builds on the other) and for the small-group work (your colleagues will be depending on you!). For some, this will require a little effort but it is critical.
  • You will also need access to a reliable Internet connection and be viewable on video (audio participation is not an option).

Participants in our March online retreat expressed deep gratitude for the powerful impact and were amazed at the intimacy and presence they experienced. They found that technology strongly supported small-group work and full-group teaching and sharing in very immediate ways.


By the time our retreat journey together comes to a close on Sunday, you will have:
  • Taken enormous steps in your spiritual growth
  • Learned practical tools and life changing skills
  • Experienced spiritual partnership in surprising and memorable ways
  • Become part of a community of like-hearted people
  • Prepared yourself to continue your soul journey with joy and fulfillment

All you need to do is be willing to fully show up and allow the unfolding of each day and experience to take you deeper into the alignment of your personality with your soul.

“Creating Authentic Power is not an event, it’s a process. “ —Gary Zukav