Change is here. The time is now.


This is the second year we are offering Journey to the Soul online so some of the feedback here is about the in-person retreat. We know that the experiences this year will be just as impactful and transformative.


“I really felt part of the group. I could feel the love from the group [even though we were online).” — Denny *

“I was able to share an emotion and even cry in front of the big group. It was a very power moment, a very healing moment and is an example that even though we aren’t physically together, the emotion and spiritual connection is there. We’re still connected that way. Very powerful. That experienced really opened me, allowed myself to be vulnerable, to show emotion, a process that continues to this day. The results are a lot of the fears have dissipated.” — Denny *


“Attending the events has always been a way to connect with others and myself and really be present. I feel I have been able to do that, not only at the in-person events, but also online. The physical distance did not matter or that I was attending from my living room. I was still able to be present with other participants, because I set my intention to be present as if I were in the room.” — Christina *

“This event was quite exciting for me and manifested in such a beautiful way for us that attended virtually. It still moves me that although there were many people supporting the event with technical proficiency, it was not just about technology for them, they were holding the space for other souls. I feel blessed.” — Scott *


“Coming to the first event opened a door for me. It started when I saw Gary on Oprah. When he said “you need to challenge your fear” that really intrigued me, I wanted to more, how do you do that? So I started reading The Seat of the Soul, and I found out they had some events, and I started going and just very slowly opening the door for me to see a perspective I’ve never seen before.” — Gail

“The Journey to the Soul retreat was one of the most awkward, uncomfortable, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. And at the end I signed up again, so it was pretty amazing. There was just something that resonated deep inside me, and I knew I had to be a part of it.” — Doug


“I go to the Journey in the summer because it is a place to practice with my spiritual partners, connect with my soul more deeply and renew my commitment to creating authentic power.” — Beverly

“Coming to the Journey gave me an awareness that I did not have before, that it is my responsibility to live the life that I want to live. Gary and Linda gave me the tools to really be able to do that. I spent most of the time before that thinking it was controlling things outside of me.” — Pam


The Journey was life changing for me because of what I learned about myself and how I can change. I have a lot more love and loving people in my life because I am applying tools I learned. It has been wonderful. — David

“I have a lot more joy in my life, and when I do feel pain, a lot of the time I’m excited about it because it’s telling me something inside me that I can heal, that will allow me to bring more joy in my life. It’s given me freedom.” — Rita


“Bringing the tools I learned at the Journey to the Soul back home and using them in my life made a huge difference in me. Every year I do deeper and deeper learning about myself. It’s been really powerful for me and continues to be.” — Soula

“This experience has been nothing short of a miracle, from the very beginning.” — Michael


“The difference between reading The Seat of the Soul and attending an event is real-time practice with others.”  — Cindy