“Coming to the first event opened a door for me. It started when I saw Gary on Oprah. When he said “you need to challenge your fear” that really intrigued me, I wanted to more, how do you do that? So I started reading The Seat of the Soul, and I found out they had some events, and I started going and just very slowly opening the door for me to see a perspective I’ve never seen before.” — Gail

“The Journey to the Soul retreat was one of the most awkward, uncomfortable, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. And at the end I signed up again, so it was pretty amazing. There was just something that resonated deep inside me, and I knew I had to be a part of it.” — Doug


“I go to the Journey in the summer because it is a place to practice with my spiritual partners, connect with my soul more deeply and renew my commitment to creating authentic power.” — Beverly

“Coming to the Journey gave me an awareness that I did not have before, that it is my responsibility to live the life that I want to live. Gary and Linda gave me the tools to really be able to do that. I spent most of the time before that thinking it was controlling things outside of me.” — Pam


The Journey was life changing for me because of what I learned about myself and how I can change. I have a lot more love and loving people in my life because I am applying tools I learned. It has been wonderful. — David

“I have a lot more joy in my life, and when I do feel pain, a lot of the time I’m excited about it because it’s telling me something inside me that I can heal, that will allow me to bring more joy in my life. It’s given me freedom.” — Rita


“It’s always great event for me. Every year I go back it’s different. I’m really excited about this Journey because we are going out and spending time in the city.” — Tim

“Bringing the tools I learned at the Journey to the Soul back home and using them in my life made a huge difference in me. Every year I do deeper and deeper learning about myself. It’s been really powerful for me and continues to be.” — Soula


“The difference between reading The Seat of the Soul and attending an event is real-time practice with others.”  — Cindy

“This experience has been nothing short of a miracle, from the very beginning.” — Michael