Why would I want to come to the Journey to the Soul retreat if I have already read the books?

The reason for coming to the Journey to the Soul retreat is to put what you have read and resonated with into practice in your life more fully; to truly accelerate your spiritual growth and bring others into your life who are striving to do the same.

You will be practicing with fellow students who are also committed to creating authentic power. We call that spiritual partnership – partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. These interactions will greatly enhance your spiritual growth.

I’ve never been to an event with Gary and Linda. What can I expect?

Multiple daily sessions lead by Gary and Linda are combined with excursions into the city for real-life practice using the tools to create Authentic Power, including emotional awareness, discerning your intentions, consulting your intuition, and more. There are guided interactions and exercises, plus many opportunities to ask Gary and Linda questions personally. Mealtimes are together for additional practice and experimenting.

You can expect a community of people who are all interested in learning to act and speak from love instead of fear — aligning personality with soul. Some are completely new to the concept of Authentic Power, some have read Gary and Linda’s books but not experimented with creating Authentic Power in their lives yet, and others have been practicing for years.

Is this regarded as a “teaching” or a “philosophy”? 

Creating Authentic Power is not a religion, philosophy, theory, or dogma. You will learn and practice with practical tools that will enable you to learn about yourself and to speak and act consciously. We encourage you to experiment with what you learn and apply it in your own way. Creating Authentic Power and being in spiritual partnership is a practice and a way of being in the world.

Will my spiritual beliefs be compatible with creating Authentic Power?

Creating Authentic Power is becoming the authority in your own life. It requires experimenting with tools such as emotional awareness and responsible choice. In our experience, learning to use these tools is supportive and powerful no matter what path you are on.

I’m single; will there be mostly couples at the retreat?

Typically there will be single people of all ages, some couples, and a few multi-generations of family. There is always a diverse group of people who come from all over the world with the common interest in creating Authentic Power.

I have a special diet, will that be problematic?

We have researched restaurants that are easily accessible and that offer healthy, inexpensive, delicious food with many options for various diets.

What can I do to prepare between now and when I go to the retreat?

There are several things participants can do to support themselves. Here are just a few.

  • Read or re-read The Seat of the Soul, The Heart of the Soul, and Spiritual Partnership. These three books are the ones to focus on.
  • Start practicing what you are learning in the books with people now, especially using the Spiritual Partnership book. For example, you can experiment with asking people you trust to share what they think they are noticing about you; when they think you might be speaking or acting from a loving part of your personality, and when they think you might be speaking or acting from a frightened part of your personality.
  • Since you’ll want to have people to practice with after you return home from the retreat, you can be thinking about who you’d like to have come with you so that you can learn and practice the tools together. Invite them to register for the Journey to the Soul with you so that you can learn and practice together in the supportive environment of the retreat.

What is the difference between the Journey to the Soul retreat and the Authentic Power Immersion program? 

The Journey to the Soul is a five-day retreat that provides in-depth study of the tools to create Authentic Power in a supportive environment with Gary and Linda where you can experiment and practice with a community of spiritual partners. You learn how to develop emotional awareness, access your intuition, and understand the power of intentions and responsible choice in order to create from love instead of reacting from fear.

The Authentic Power Immersion is an advanced year-long program for those committed to daily practice. It is intimate, practical, and experiential, featuring two in-person extended weekend events with Gary and Linda, small group practice, and on-going invitations and exercises to apply what you are learning to your life, plus access to live online teachings. Enrollment into the Authentic Power Immersion is by application only.